A Book of your LIFE’S MEMORIES

To have a book to share with family and friends about your life is extremely important to those who know and love you! Most people feel that they don’t know how to do this or are not able to afford an author and a publisher to write for them. If this is your concern, you are in the right place. Having written many books, including my own memoirs, I can easily do all the technical, online publishing of your book.

This is what you do:

  • Make thorough notes of your life. These can be in any order that you would like them in the book.
  • Send those notes to Nancy Boyer at boyerwrites@yahoo.com
  • Nancy will write them into chapter form and send you a copy to approve.
  • A book cover will be designed for your approval. Your name will appear on the book as the author, for Nancy is serving as your “ghostwriter.” It is that simple!

Here are some sample pictures of the Autobiography that Nancy wrote about her life.

  • A hardback with many pictures (published by Shutterfly)
  • A paperback, which is less expensive to publish (published by Amazon)
  • The paperback is more of a written account with chapters and only black/white pictures.
  • Your name only will be placed on the front/ and inside of your memoirs book.


  • Hardback published with Shutterfly (approx.$49.00 for 20 pages/ 2.95 each page more)
  • Paperback published through Amazon/Kindle. $15-$25 per copy.
  • Your paperback book will be published and on sale at Amazon for your friends to purchase a copy.
  • If choosing a hard copy, more hard copies can be ordered by the client after the first copy is published through Shutterfly.

Nancy’s suggested donation as a “ghostwriter,” $100

All the technical work is done for you. As mentioned, 100% of what you pay goes to Christian Missions.

WARNING: Anything put in the book about a family member or someone else, even if it is good, may not be received happily. Get permission first if in doubt. This is certainly not to discourage the writing, because most will love that you have taken the time and effort to do this for them and future generations.

Payments are in two parts: 1. $100 to Ghostwriter 2. Whatever the cost of the book chosen for publication: Paperback or Hardback. Nancy will send you an invoice for the second cost, which is based on number of pages and type of paper chosen for the book.

Memoirs Book Payment

This is the “ghostwriter’s” suggested donation, $100. The payment will be made BEFORE the writing begins and the client has sent in his/her notes. The ghostwriter will take care of the technical part of publishing the book. You can pay through PayPal.


If you’d like to have a discussion about your thoughts on writing this book, please feel free to call Nancy Boyer at 352-217-3387. (M-F 9-noon EST)

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